What competencies must have an effective HR

At the moment no one is considering HR specialist as HR specialist, recruiter or just how the service division.

Today the main task of HR in company strategy is the management of human resources and control how it meets the goals of the business and helps its development. So to be most effective, such a specialist must understand all key business processes: the product or the technology services, marketing, financial model, sales etc.

Moreover, the modern HR must have a certain set of competencies, and proactive, in my opinion, the main of them. This concept is worth investing ability and willingness to go beyond the usual duties, the ability to look beyond, to think outside the box, to adapt quickly to changes, offer ideas that will improve processes and results. And in fact, very few people are proactive, most simply will not act without instructions from the head. But this is a global problem that affects different areas.

Absolute advantage HR specialist I would call psychological education as in General believe that by and large, such education is necessary for everyone. The ability to understand people (both within ourselves and in others), their behavior and motives, and to build productive relationships with others — these skills will be useful not only to build a successful career but also a happy life in General. And very helpful in working with internal communications — one of the most important tasks of HR directly affect business processes and efficiency of employees.

There are three main objectives that are worth noting. The first is, of course, the development of the right corporate culture: values, mission, strategy, corporate code. The employee must understand how they fit and conform to his own principles, can he be effective and to develop further in this system.

The second is to increase employee engagement through understanding of the global goals of the organization and awareness of its contribution to the overall results. If I understand how my “little” work every day affects the “large” results, the work is more involved, because they understand their involvement in the success of the company.

And the third is to increase the efficiency of employees due to the availability of all necessary information for the work: who is responsible for what in the organization who I can contact to resolve a question of where and how I can get the necessary resources to complete the task. Such simple things as the actual structure, functions and contacts of the employees described the business processes, application forms, etc. can greatly increase the speed of problem solving and task completion by staff.

Perfect HR is a leader who feels the business, which has constantly learns and knows all the trends. For example, in the last few years in an HR environment gaining popularity at the talent Recruiter. A specialist looks at the whole organization, understand its needs in every direction, thinks strategically. He is not limited by the requisition, and evaluates the potential of the labour market on the one hand and the inner potential (talent pool) organization on the other. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of all the factors offers an optimal solution for filling the vacancy. But such a specialist is not easy to find in Telecom, IT, and in any other field. In our country very few quality educational products in the field of modern HR, so the few experts who is in the market grow very quickly and become managers or go into consulting. Therefore, the most reliable way to get your team of professional HR to raise and teach yourself.