What are the risks for business is office space — study

Modern business sees the office as a set of services. The correct use of these services not only reduces risks but also costs. For example, rent coworking space, if you need to use the computer only for 2-3 hours or to use the intercom only for meetings, not to overpay. Minimizing financial risk is one of the reasons why companies choose flexible offices. JLL research showed that by 2030 a third of corporate real estate will be flexible. Entrepreneurs will reduce spending on rent and office maintenance by 50%. Every second Respondent (73%) studies IWG is confident that the implementation of office solutions helps companies to optimize the cost of real estate management: buying, maintenance, administration, security. But the conversion of a long-term lease payments in the “flexible” may be reduced to 20% of the budget. Suppose the entrepreneur seeks to optimize the cost of maintaining the office. He enters into a lease agreement with the provider of flexible office solutions that grant him the ability to work as needed. The business owner can use the office every day or only come for meetings and presentations, and employees working remotely. So formed, the physical presence of the company, access to office is provided when required by the business owner or team. Saved money the entrepreneur can invest in the development of the business.

To develop new markets is one of the key ways of business development. According to the experts of GfK SE, citizens of Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine have the lowest purchasing power. Entrepreneurs are forced to reconsider the approach to office organization and to assess the prospects of expanding their businesses abroad. According to a study by the IWG, 44% of Ukrainians would like to have a physical presence abroad by entering into long-term lease agreement. In this case, every second entrepreneur (60%) would like to increase the company’s revenues from exports over the next 3-5 years. These data confirm the mood of Ukrainian business on the expansion of geographical presence abroad. In regard to business may have the strategic risks. For the process in a new place businessmen need to solve a number of issues. For example, to work out a scheme of registration of business, to find employees or consultants who will be able to answer customer questions on the spot. All this is additional burden on the owner. Providers of flexible office solutions invented to provide all the services for the organization of the working process. Global tenants create virtual offices that allow businesses to enter new markets, leaving domestic and become more agile in development. The company may establish a presence abroad by using a virtual office, assistants-secretaries, who will remotely translating correspondence and orders to the owner. The entrepreneur may conduct business, for example, in Sweden, and physically reside in Ukraine.

The market is growing daily and offers highly skilled professionals new job opportunities, there is a new risk loss of valuable employees. Today not only changing requirements of employers and the needs of workers. According to our research, almost every Ukrainian (91%) would prefer flexible working conditions that imply not only an opportunity to work from home but on the go, in different parts of the city and the world without compromising your personal life. 59% of respondents said that flexible work can keep employees and attract new ones. Entrepreneurs should bear in mind that already a significant part of Ukrainians are ready to abandon the work, if excluded a flexible schedule.

Providing employees the opportunity to work under flexible conditions, you can not only effectively combine their personal and professional lives, but also the most productive way to perform tasks. First, the employee does not spend time on the road to the office and back. Flexible offices in the different cities and towns allows the company to not limit yourself to local professionals and attract professionals worldwide.

Today the office is no longer solely a place of work. It becomes the equivalent component of the image of the company affects its development and success. The introduction of a system of flexible working will not only help to eliminate existing risks and prevent potential.