Washington Post: Mary Butina was transferred to another prison

Russian Maria Butina, charged with attempt to infiltrate the National rifle Association and other American political organizations as a secret agent of the Russian government, was transferred from prison in Columbia County to the jail in Alexandria, Virginia.

This was reported by the Washington Post, citing prison administration and the attorney Butinai.

29-year-old Butino accused of conspiracy to work as a foreign agent without notifying the US authorities. She pleaded not guilty, and her lawyer said that she only was networking to establish relations with the Americans.

The representative prison in Alexandria declined to give the reasons for the transfer Butinai.

The Russian Embassy in Washington called the arrest of Butynol politically motivated and complained about the conditions of her detention in prison. On Thursday, the Embassy reported that his staff called for Butina in prison and following the visit intend to send a note to the state Department “with the requirement to stop psychological pressure and humiliation faced by the Russian citizen”.

“It is obvious that Mary Butina trying for more humiliation and psychological pressure to break,” reads a tweet from the Embassy.

The lawyer of Butynol Robert Driscoll stated that Butinai not informed about the reason of transfer to another prison and that he does not know whether the translation with the complaints of the Embassy.

The next date of appearance of Butenai in court September 10. She was denied bail.