Volkswagen Arteon long-term review

Why we’re running: To see if a cut-price offer of luxury can be as urban to live with that is to look at

Month 1 – Specifications

The life in a Volkswagen Arteon: 1 Month

Welcome to the Arteon to our fleet – June 27, 2018

The Arteon is a curious thing, and not only because it is pure motor show concept from the front, but it looks like a taxi when viewed from the side.

Despite the incredibly slippery XL1 plug-hybrid, 2013, this is the most dramatic of design of Volkswagen has given us in modern times. And leaving aside for a moment the new SUV Touareg, with which the Arteon shares much of the general aesthetic, it is also VW’s flagship offering.

It is a level of status in disagreement with the reality that the success of this car depends largely on its suitability to the highway heavy-duty work. Is your silver for the porridge with a spoon, if you like.