US officials will visit Ukraine, Georgia and Uzbekistan

Senior US officials this week will visit Ukraine, Georgia and Uzbekistan, as well as other countries in development of bilateral relations and expansion of religious freedoms.

The Ambassador at large for international religious freedom Sam Brownback will visit Ukraine to meet with government officials and religious leaders to discuss efforts to protect and promote religious freedom, said at the state Department.

“In Uzbekistan, Ambassador Brownback will meet with senior government officials to discuss recent positive steps taken by Uzbekistan in the sphere of religious liberty and support legislative reforms to ensure compliance by Uzbekistan of its international obligations concerning freedom of religion and belief”, – reads the statement of the state Department.

Meanwhile, assistant Secretary of state for European and Eurasian Uess Mitchell will visit Europe from 11 to 14 September.

On Tuesday 11 September he will arrive in Tbilisi, where he will meet with senior officials of Georgia, other political leaders and civil society representatives to discuss U.S.-Georgian cooperation on a wide range of global problems.

“He will also perform at the Tbilisi international conference -2018, to reiterate the United States support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia, its further democratic development and the desire for integration into Western institutions,” the officials said.