Unmanned trucks Volvo start working in the career (video)

Self-driving trucks, the Volvo FH will be used in the mining industry of Norway. The corresponding agreement was signed by Volvo Trucks with a Norwegian mining firm Brønnøy Kalk AS. It is reported by the League with reference to Geek.com.

Reportedly, six new Volvo FH will transport the limestone on the route length of almost 5 km (3 miles) from the quarry to the nearby port. The trucks will travel through the tunnels and on the highway without a driver.

The test truck was a success and will continue throughout the year. It is expected that the system will be commissioned before the end of 2019.

In fact, instead of buying a separate, standalone trucks customer “buys transport solution,” transport of limestone between two nodes. Firm pays per ton of cargo delivered.

Recall that Volvo has announced plans to begin sales of the car, able to drive in fully automatic mode on the highway by 2021.

As previously reported, in November 2017 American electric car manufacturer Tesla Inc. introduced the first in the history of the company truck with electric called Tesla Semi. The truck is equipped with an autopilot which would drive the truck in one lane, change lanes and get off without the driver’s help. Car production will not begin before 2020, the cost in a base complete set will make $200 thousand.

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