Ukraine has closed two more banks

The national Bank of Ukraine has revoked the license of “APEKS-Bank” and “Industrial-financial Bank” in connection with the voluntary termination of these institutions banking.

As reported on the website of the NBU, the basis for the revocation of licenses was the agreement by banks with the regulator plan for the cessation of banking activities and the full implementation of the relevant commitments.

The national Bank reminded that such a procedure was made possible by the adoption in March 2017 of the law of Ukraine “On simplification of procedures of reorganization and capitalization of banks”, within which Bank’s shareholders can take the decision on termination of Bank activities without liquidation and continue to operate in the market of financial services or conduct other economic activities.

Also in NBU reminded that the regulator is similar to the procedure has withdrawn the banking license of the Bank “Financial partner”.

In addition, as noted by the regulator, the decision on voluntary termination of banking activities has taken “Credit Optima Bank”.

According to the current legislation, in Ukraine the Bank’s Charter capital cannot be lower than UAH 500 million.

From 23 December the national Bank has softened the schedule of capitalization of small banks in particular have shifted the period of replenishment of capital up to UAH 300 million for 2 years to 11 July 2020, up to 400 million UAH for 3 years or until July 11, 2022.

Period of capitalization of banks to 500 million UAH remained unchanged until 11 July 2024.

On March 23 the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law “On the facilitation of the capitalization and restructuring of banks”, which also allows banks to refuse banking license without the elimination and continue the activity in the nonbank financial sector.