U.S. Secretary of state: Russia is “actively sabotaging” sanctions against North Korea


U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo criticized the actions of Russia, accusing Moscow in the active sabotage of the international sanctions against North Korea. According to him, the sanctions were necessary to convince Pyongyang to give up nuclear weapons.

“Russia actively tried to counteract the decisions of the security Council of the UN, the work of the Committee in the UN, which assesses the sanctions regime,” said Pompeo, speaking at a press briefing at the state Department.

On September 13, Nikki Haley, the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, accused the Russian authorities in attempts to amend the independent report on violations of the sanctions regime, which is prepared with the participation of the United Nations.

Pompeo said he hopes that the sanctions the UN Commission “will publish the original document that they were going to publish, and which clearly shows the actions relating to sanctions and violate the sanctions regime”.

The Secretary of state assured that the US fully respect the decisions of the UN security Council. In his opinion, the sanctions – the main argument of the “President of the trump in its efforts… denuklearizatsii the Korean Peninsula”.

The UN security Council will hold an extraordinary meeting on Monday, September 17. In a report submitted to the sanctions Committee in the security Council a few weeks ago, it was said that North Korea did not stop its nuclear missile program. Yet the paper reported that the DPRK violating export sanctions.

The Agency “Reuters” with reference to the diplomats said that Russia “has put pressure on independent observers of the sanctions regime” with the aim to amend the report. One diplomat, whose name was not disclosed, said that the amended version of the report has no mention of how the citizens of Russia violate international sanctions regime against the DPRK.

September 13, Washington added to North Korean sanctions list of Russian and Chinese companies, established by a citizen of the DPRK. Both companies were accused of illegal withdrawal of funds to North Korea.