Turn a VW Beetle into a buggy for £1250

People who buy Lamborghini Aventadors and then in the car back and forth outside of Harrods are seeking attention.

Well, but you have it wrong. If you want to accumulate a serious eyeball count, you need a buggy. In addition, if people say good things about your choice of motor, you can’t listen to them in an Aventador.

You can in a buggy: I know, because a lot of people have been complimenting me on my choice of wheels. And the shirt.

In 1970, the Sprinkle family moved to the uk from the US and sent their two sons to the school I was at. Along with the boys, Mr and Mrs Sprinkle brought with them their daughter, Susanne, who made a great impression on me, and his buggy.

I still have a vague memory of Susanne, but a very accurate mental image of the buggy. Metalflake purple, large chrome roll bar, huge tires and a loud exhaust. We all had Hot Wheels beach buggies, but one at full size, in our school car park between Morris Minors and Ford Anglias, it was amazing.