Trump responded to the NYT article about the White house lawyer who testified Mueller

The US President Donald trump said that the White house counsel don Boston “is not a rat in the style of John Dean”

On Sunday morning, trump posted a series of tweets, article in the New York Times, which stated that Boston a few hours gave evidence to spectracolor investigating Russia’s intervention in the elections in 2016.

Dean was White house counsel under President Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal. In the end, he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and contributed to the collapse of the Nixon presidency, although he was sentenced to prison for obstruction of justice.

Trump said that he allowed Makhanu and others to testify. “I didn’t have to do it. I have nothing to hide”, – he wrote.

Trump also called the investigation “McCarthyism in its worst form,” referring to unfounded accusations, which in the 1950s were Senator Joseph McCarthy, denouncing the Communists.