Trump continues to criticize the book Woodward

US President, Donald trump continues to criticize the new bestseller devoted to his administration, calling the book “the next attack” on yourself.

“The book Woodward – mockery,” the President said Monday, referring to the book of journalist from the Washington Post of Bob Woodward’s “Fear: the trump in the White house,” which goes on sale Tuesday.

The book has already climbed to first place in the bestseller list of the online store Amazon, however, trump said that the journalist used “already refuted by the unnamed and anonymous sources”. “Many have said that quotes attributed to them, as the book itself, is fiction. The Democrats can’t stand to lose. I’ll write a real book!”

In one of tweets, trump said: “Bob Woodward is a liar who acts as a consultant to the Democrats before the midterm elections.” According to the President, the author of “caught by surprise”, including in an interview with NBC, where he was talking about the fact that he used anonymous sources to recreate the behind-the-scenes events in the White house.

Trump also did a repost of one of your tweets last week: “the Book Woodward – fake. I’m not saying as I quote. If that were the case, I would not be elected President. These quotes are made up. The author uses in his book all tricks to humiliate and discredit. I wish people could see the real facts – and in our country is doing GREAT!”

Journalistic fame came to Woodward almost 50 years ago, when he was one of the reporters of the Washington Post: his revelatory materials about corruption in the White house led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Today Woodward is the author of eight books on US presidents.

However, in an interview with NBC he said that to trump “have not seen cases when the President is so delusional”.

According to 75-year-old Woodward, at a meeting of the national security Council a year after the inauguration of the trump indignant about the high costs of deployment of U.S. troops in other countries, and Minister of defense James Mattis had to explain to him why this is done.

“We do this to prevent a third world war” – quoted by Woodward of Mattis. “Imagine that the defence Minister has to explain to the President that all these actions are being taken to prevent the disaster, and then Mattis says: you see, if we cancel these programs, which are of great importance, the only deterrence option would be nuclear weapons.”

Answering a question from NBC about why readers should believe his stories, based on the words of anonymous sources, Woodward said: “These incidents are not anonymous. There are specified date, time, participants, and often there are links to the President.”

The author argues that the President’s chief of staff, John Kelly, called trump an “idiot” and at one of the meetings said, “we are in the Kingdom of madness”, and Mattis reportedly said that trump versed in world politics at the level of “five – or sixth-grader”. They deny these quotes.

“They are not telling the truth,” said Woodward, describing them as a refutation “political statements to save their positions,” that “quite clear”.

However, the author insists that conducted the “excavations” of the situation in the White house as meticulously.

According to Woodward, talked with him former and current members of the administration – “conscious and courageous people who have decided that the world should know about it”.

He claims that those officials, as a former adviser to trump on economy Gary Con, I believe that we must “defend the country”.