Topilin: funding for people with disabilities will not reduce “any penny”

MOSCOW, November 18 – RIA Novosti. Funding for the development of conditions for disabled people in Russia will not be reduced in the next three years, said the head of Ministry of labor of Russia Maxim Topilin during the second National championship of professional skills among people with disabilities”, Abilympics”.

Topilin assured that the budget for the next three years, seen on Friday in the State Duma, all the guarantees for persons with disabilities will continue.

“For a single penny will not be reduced funding, we with Olga Yurievna (Vasilyeva) watching this carefully and we promise that it will be so,” — said Topilin.

He also noted that the championship is very important to remove the restrictions on the labour market for persons with disabilities.

“Only 29 teams were at the last championship, today it is over 60. I hope that next year all subjects will join our event. It is extremely important to exchange experience, search employers, so that employers understand that people with disabilities do not have restrictions compared to other workers,” — said Topilin.

He noted that we must strive to ensure that persons with disabilities are limitations in employment.

National championship of professional skills among people with disabilities “, Abilympics” is held according to the Olympic system and includes competitions for 45 professions that are in demand in the labour market. The result of the qualifying stages in 60 regions of the Russian Federation will become the national stage, which will be held on November 18-19, 2016 in Moscow. The event was organized by the Ministry of education and science, Ministry of labour, Ministry of industry and trade of Russia, Russian state social University and the public organization of persons with disabilities.