The school in Florida, where he studied piloting terrorists – 17 years later

After a few days after the terrorist attack of 11 September 2000, Venice is a small seaside town on the southwest coast of Florida was shocked with terrible news. According to the FBI, the terrorists who drove the planes crashed, a few months, studied piloting at a local aviation training center of Huffman Aviation.

1 July 2000, Mohammed Atta, Ziad-Samir Jarrah and Marwan al-Shehi began training at Huffman Aviation. Future suicide bombers paid about 20 thousand dollars within a few months of training. In August, the school administration appealed to the USCIS with a request for a change in visa terrorists from tourist to student. Paper confirming the change of their status, were delivered to the flying school in March 2002, 6 months after the death of the terrorists. For whatever reasons they chose this school in Florida, remained unknown.