The President of Tunisia proposed to equalize women with men in inheritance rights

Dubai. August 13. INTERFAX – the President of Tunisia Badges Quaid, Essebsi took the initiative to provide the female population of the country equal rights with men in the field of inheritance, said on Monday the website of the Lebanese newspaper “daily star”.

“I speak in favour of equality in inheritance, acquired the force of law,” the President said.

Now this initiative must be approved by Parliament.

“Daily star” points out that this idea has sparked mixed reactions from Tunisian politicians and the public. The President even had to be created in 2017 the special Committee dealing with issues of women’s empowerment. The authorities dealing with the conservative opposition, proposed the following amendment: any family wishing to adhere to the old law of inheritance, entitled to it.

Last Saturday thousands of people gathered in front of Parliament to protest against changes in the laws of inheritance.

“Daily star” reminds us that Tunisia manages a coalition of secular forces and moderate adherents of Islam, which took in 2014, a new Constitution. At the same time, clarified that women in Tunisia enjoy more rights than in other countries of the region.

However, says the “daily star”, the law of inheritance is based on Islamic law, which gives preference in the division of property, the men receiving two times more than women.