The placement in Poland of NATO troops was supported by 67% of the population, the survey showed

WARSAW, 5 Jan — RIA Novosti. The placement in Poland of foreign troops from the countries-members of NATO supported 67% of citizens of the Republic, according to the research sociological laboratory CBOS conducted in may of this year. This is the highest so far, the indicators support the placement in Poland of NATO troops.

Strong support for basing in Poland of the troops of other NATO countries, said 24% of respondents, moderate support — 43%. The total percentage of supporters of military presence of NATO in Poland — 67%, which is 2% more than in February last year.

Opponents of the presence of NATO troops in Poland is 22%, which is 2% less than last year. Of these, 17% objected to the placement of NATO troops moderately and 5% of course. Had no opinion on this question 11% of respondents — the percentage remained at the same level as in the previous study.

As reported earlier, Poland made the U.S. proposal to host the permanent backbone of the American armored division and is ready to suffer for this expenditure in the amount of 1,5-2 billion dollars. The proposal was made outside the framework of NATO on a bilateral basis.
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