The most depraved incest member of the family has been ‘ living with brother’

Martha lived with her brother Charlie Colt — that he had once slept openly with a “double bed” on the Colt incest family farm, when he was arrested in the month of April.

Four of Martha Colt children, between the ages of 11 and 20, are the result of sexual relations with a sibling or parent.Central Local Court heard on Wednesday that Martha Colt — a court appointed pseudonym to protect the identity of the victims — and the brother Charlie Colt lived in the NSW town of Griffith in the month of April.

It is also heard that the police are looking for more DNA samples from members of the Colt family, the first that the charges mentioned against them can proceed.

NSW Police child protection team of investigators has missed the April 15 of this year, arresting eight members of the Colt incest family in a raid in three states.

Martha Colt, 38 years old, is currently held in the Dillwynia women’s prison in the far west of Sydney.

His lawyer said that he had health problems, including injuries from a fall in his jail cell.

Martha Colt, with his son Albert, as a child, he was openly living with her brother, who is the likely father of at least four of his sons.

Charlie Colt, Marta’s brother, was arrested with her in Griffith in which they lived together in April of this year.

The brothers and the sisters, Martha and Charlie slept openly in a “double bed” in a tent on the Colt dirt farm hidden in the hills behind Boorowa.

Appearing via video link from prison, Martha appeared older than his age, with gray hair, a worn look and a lined face.

Charged with perjury, Ms Colt alleged crimes are less than some of his co-defendants, the brothers and grandchildren, who face charges of sexual intercourse with children, indecent assault and incest.

The charges were referred five years after the police raided the shabby Colt incest family farm hidden in the hills behind the NSW rural town of Boorowa in 2012.

The stunned detective and the welfare authorities found 38 members of the Colt family that lives on the dirty remote property that had no running water, electricity or adequate toilet facilities.

The farm “the smell of urine and feces that was in the open dry between the sleeping areas, and is also populated by about 20 dogs.

The children don’t know how to use toilet paper, a toothbrush, or a shower, and had bed-wetting and hearing problems.

They were years behind in school, if they participated at all, they tortured the genitals of animals, and had sex in the farm with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and aunts.

The Colt incest family tree, showing Marta’s five surviving children are the result of crossbreeding.

Martha, the sister of Betty Colt (above shutdown) is in Silverwater Jail awaiting a court hearing.

The arrest of Charlie Colt in Griffith from the NSW Police.

Martha, and daughters Nadia and Ruth.

Martha and the older brother Charlie shared the same bed in one of the two curtains, inside a large shed that had a refrigerator with rotten vegetables, dangerous wires connected to a generator.

The children had facial deformities that are associated with the intersection, walked in a shuffling manner, could not speak intelligibly, and had cognitive impairment.

After the removal of Martha, five children, and five of the matriarch of the family, Betty and the other Colt adults scattered interstate.

In the month of April, investigators arrested them in Griffith, in the region of the riverland in South Australia and Western Australia, Avon Valley.

Only Betty Colt’s daughter, Raylene, who faces a single charge of perjury, was released on bail.

Martha Colt’s second request for bail on Wednesday, Magistrate Alison Viney heard that the defendant had high blood pressure and had suffered from chest pains and migraines in prison.

He had also fallen from a top prison bunk and suffered soft tissue damage, and was finding his first time in custody “overwhelming”.

The court heard that when she was arrested in Griffith with his brother Charlie, and two sons, who were possible witnesses, lived in the rented house.

Martha Colt, and his three sons, Albert, George and Karl, and taking his daughter Nadia.

Karl Colt, one of Martha Colt incest children.

Jed Colt, another of Martha’s children.

The generator next to a shed on the Colt incest property in a remote campsite in southern New South Wales, where the tri-generational incest has been found.

If released, he would have had to rely on Centrelink welfare payments for his rent, and intended to return to Griffith to live.

The DPP prosecutor Katharine Jeffreys said Ms Viney who previously were not suitable address was not the only reason Martha Colt was refused bail in April.

Ms Viney said there was a risk of Ms Colt may try to escape to seek solace with another family in another state,” and refused his bail.

Ms Colt swallowed, bowed his head briefly and looked at her hands.

Martha, the sister of Betty, which is in Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre in western Sydney, abandoned in a release application on Wednesday.

At the beginning of this year, the exclusively reported that Martha Colt had posted videos on Facebook of his sons, claiming they had been abused after being taken into care six years ago.

Now, at the age of 17 years, Karl Colt — Martha’s third child — said to have “threatened and beat me up”. “I had a hiding place … walk to the back of the head,” said Karl. “Sad, angry … they tell me to be silent, and, um, sad and not fair.”

The shed on the Colt farm brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts had sex with one another over four generations.

Charlie Colt dressed as Santa on the family farm.

Charlie Colt prior to his arrest.

In response, Martha Colt has written on Facebook: “it is sad to hear how this young boy gets a beating for having a weak bladder shawley (sic), you realize that it is the heart that is the cause.”

When Karl was taken, of the age of about 11, from the dirty farm Boorowa in 2012, has been found to be very underweight, had fungal infections in his toenails and walked in a shuffling fashion.”

He was in need of urgent dental care, limited reading skills, his speech was “not understandable”, he had heard, and, apparently, had sex with his sister Ruth.

After being taken into care, has threatened to stab staff with pencils, and cut their throats.

The Colts are unlikely to face trial until the end of 2019.

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