The minimum cost of the policy “Green card” in 2018 will amount to UAH 805

Motor (transport) insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) on 28 December 2017, will introduce new rates for policies “Green card” for travelling abroad by car.

According to the report of the Bureau published on its website, MTIBU counted the cost of the insurance certificates “Green card” that is introduced, in the direction of increase of 5.2%.

The last tariff change was September 28, 2017 also in the direction of increase of 3%.

Policies “Green card” implemented in 2009 in two forms: the whole of Europe and Belarus, Moldova and Russia. From 1 January 2016, the Ukrainian policies “Green card” has started to operate on the territory of Azerbaijan.

According MTIBU, the cost of “Green card” in Ukraine for 15 days to travel in Europe for passenger cars will increase to 805 UAH (previously — UAH 765), bus — 3,025 thousand UAH (previously — 2,874 thousand UAH), for trucks — 1,899 thousand UAH (previously — UAH 1,804 thousand).

The cost of a Green card in one month for passenger cars will amount to UAH 1,282 thousand (previously — UAH 1,218 thousand), buses — 4,202 thousand UAH (previously — 3,992 thousand UAH), trucks — UAH 2,521 thousand (previous 2,395 thousand UAH).

The cost of semi-annual and annual policies “Green card” for cars will be 5,691 thousand UAH and 7,045 thousand UAH, respectively, for bus — 14,708 and 27,315 thousand UAH thousand UAH, for trucks — 11,934 thousand UAH thousand UAH and 22,524 respectively.

The cost of policies for travel to Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and the Russian Federation for passenger cars of 15 days will be 586 UAH (previously — UAH 557), for one month — 863 UAH (previously — UAH 819) for six months — 1,978 thousand UAH (previously — UAH 1,877 thousand), a year — UAH 2,816 thousand (previous 2,676 thousand UAH).

The size of single insurance payment under agreements of international compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles are established by resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 6 January 2005 and is set in Euro.

Green card system the insurance protection injured in a traffic accident regardless of their country of residence and country of registration of the vehicle. “Green card” applies to the territory of the 47 countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

According to the decision taken by the General Assembly of the Council of Bureaux of the international system of insurance “Green card” in Luxembourg in may 2004, Ukraine, with January 1, 2005 is a full member of this system.