The importer volkswagen announced new details about the fate of “knee socks” by the Mexican Assembly

The company “Porsche Ukraine”, official importer volkswagen, seat and audi, reported on the progress in resolving problems with certificate volkswagen golf sportwagen diesel of mexican production, and at the same time and reassured car buyers of audi, which is also supplied to our country for “tasty” prices amid the global diesel scandal around the German company.

“In ongoing formal communication with the competent state institutions, all members of which are going to come to a unanimous, legally reasonable and favorable for the customers decision. Thus, our main objective is making the decision without any negative consequences for clients, for which Porsche Ukraine is making significant efforts. It is important to note that cars Golf Sportwagen (Variant) is technically safe and can further fully operated on the roads. The potential seizure of vehicles from circulation is unlikely,” — noted in the message of “Porsche Ukraine”.

The company also announced that has already begun to “organize the certification process,” cars Golf Sportwagen, however, the approval of all the details you may need for a few months. It is expected that recertification will be conducted with the participation of dealers, the owners of “Golf” compensate for all expenses and provides compensation for the inconvenience.

Recall that the Ukrainian “deselect” C “deselecting” wagon Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen Mexican Assembly began in late may, when the importer volkswagen in ukraine acknowledged the problems with the certificates of conformity for the batch of 2800 vehicles and halted sales for the time trials. originally the machine was intended for the us, but was unclaimed due to the cessation of sales of diesel cars brands in america. the result is standing in the warehouses of the “Knee” brought to Ukraine at prices lower than European spec cars, but with certificates of conformity came the incident — in the documents of the country of origin is Mexico was provided by Germany. The error noticed in the interior Ministry, and ceased to accept documents for registration of such vehicles.

In the Wake of the problems with diesel “Knee” legitimate fears arose and promotional buyers of diesel cars Audi A3, which was originally intended for the market of South Korea, but as with “Volkswagen” on the wave “of desligada” came to Ukraine at discount prices. However, unlike the Golf Sportwagen, they were released in Europe and still have problems with documents are not met. This was confirmed in the company “Porsche Ukraine”: “there is No indication that the above situation applies to any other car brand, Volkswagen or other automotive brands included in the Volkswagen Group”.