The leaders of the G-7 are trying to solve trade disputes with trump

The US President has taken a tough stance on trade agreements with Canada and the EU, confident that they are detrimental to American interests

During the summit “the Big seven” in Canada, meeting many of the leaders with the US President Donald trump was emotional, but discussions were held in a civilized and diplomatic manner, the sources said.

Trump has taken a tough stance on the US relations with Canada and the EU.

“The leaders presented their figures, and trump introduced the, – told Reuters one of the official participants of the summit on condition of anonymity.– As expected, he has not changed his position. Most likely not because he doesn’t understand something, and because of the situation in the country.”

During a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the summit with the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, the US President joked that the canadian leader agreed to “cut all costs”.

Despite the fact that the leaders of Canada and the United States has criticized trade policies of each other the day before the summit, trump believes relations with the neighboring country is very good. “We’re really working to reduce fees and create a very fair (trade relations) for both countries. And today, we have made significant progress. Let’s see how everything will work in the future,” said trump during the summit.

After meeting with Trudeau, the White house held a meeting with the President of France Emmanuel Macron, which stated that “the US trade deficit with the EU for many years was very large, and we are working on a solution to this problem. Emmanuel macron helps us do that.”

Macron replied, “very directly and openly talked” to the trump, and important by addressing the issues is a joint collaboration.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada Chrystia Freeland has confirmed that on Friday held a meeting with US trade representative Robert Leitheiser, during which they discussed the duties and fate of the North American free trade agreement (NAFTA). Freeland said that Canada will not change the position that the United States imposed duties on aluminium and steel, calling them “illegal”.