The holidays will prohibit the returning of railway tickets online and group applications

December 15, 2018 January 15, 2019, imposes restrictions on return tickets via the Internet and execution of group requests, the press service of “Ukrzaliznytsya”.

30 days from December 15, tickets can only be bought. And to get them back you will need to come to the railroad station.

It is emphasized that this is a temporary measure – only for a month. “To prevent speculation, misuse of tickets and to avoid an artificial shortage in the period of new year and Christmas holidays,” explains the owl decision “Ukrzaliznytsya”. According to analysts of the railroad through the Internet in the first minutes of the beginning of sales buy a lot of tickets, many of whom then returned before leaving the train. This means that buy tickets in bulk for resale. See also: new year holidays, Ukrzaliznytsia will launch extra trains

And also this period will be limited to the group requests that tend to make firms. From 15 December to 15 January the following applications will be accepted only for additional trains. All trains running on the regular schedule, receive free access to the online system or at the railway ticket office, promised in uz.

Such restrictive measures already introduced last year.

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