The FIA has announced a new racing series

From 30 September to 1 October on the island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay will go the first stage “of the Intercontinental Cup drift” (Drifting FIA Intercontinental Cup). Announced a new racing series, the international automobile Federation.

The promoter of the competitions will be made by the company Sunpros in the implementation of the Japanese drift championship D1 Grand Prix in 2001. One of its founders was the “father” of drifting Keichi Tsuchiya. Some of his steps are also held in Odaiba. This year the last race of the season will be held after Drifting FIA Intercontinental Cup October 7-8.

Preparation of the rules of the new champion is in the final stage. Who exactly will take part in it and whether among members of the European pilots, the FIA are not reported.

“With the creation of the Intercontinental Cup FIA Drifting we create the basis for a standard format, which will help the sport continue to grow from grassroots level to professional events around the world. We set the standard for what I’m sure will be extremely successful form of Motorsport,” said the FIA President Jean Todt.

Simultaneously with the “Intercontinental Cup drift” in Austria will be one of the stages series King of Nations King of Europe.