The ancient boyar sarcophagus was found by archaeologists in Novgorod monastery

Veliky Novgorod. August 10. INTERFAX – Employees of Institute of archeology on the excavation in the St. Yuriev monastery of the XII century by the Great Novgorod boyar found an ancient sarcophagus, said on Friday “Interfax” in the government of Novgorod region.

“Sarcophagus discovered near the walls of the main temple of the monastery – of St. George’s Cathedral, which, according to the Chronicles, was founded in the monastery in 1119. In a stone sarcophagus, composed of massive plates, were buried the remains of six women. In such expensive sarcophagi were buried Novgorod, which had a high social status. It is obvious that these women belonged to the rich boyars of Novgorod surname”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

Scientists have found it difficult exactly to date the sarcophagus, noting only that he, probably, refers to the pre-Mongol.

In addition to the sarcophagus, the walls of St. George’s Cathedral, archaeologists have uncovered the burial of the monks in wooden coffins.

Studies in the monastery continues.

As reported, excavations in the St. George monastery, the Institute of archaeology began in 2012. Research is conducted in the framework of the restoration of St. George’s Cathedral. Supervises the work of senior researcher of the Institute of archaeology, corresponding member of RAS Vladimir Sedov.