Taxi driver terrible discovery

An investigation is faith in progress, and detectives, the mysterious death is suspicious.

Police said officers were called shortly after 1 p.m. today, when the taxi-driver who was traveling on the road, Oakdale Road, white bridge, discovered a man by the side of the road.

The man had suffered extensive injuries and the taxi driver desperate service called to the rescue.

The police says that the death is suspicious. Image: Jenny Evans

After the injured man received the first treatment at the scene, he was flown by the Westpac helicopter.

But he could not be saved and died during the flight to Royal North Shore Hospital.

Police from Lake Macquarie police district a crime scene have been established, at the place and have the questions started, how the man received his injuries.

At this time, he is yet to be identified formally.

“The investigators have urged anyone who was traveling in the vicinity of Oakdale Road and white bridge at 1 PM today and saw, or maybe dashcam footage, which is something unusual or suspicious to come forward immediately,” a spokeswoman for the New South Wales police said.

Everyone who requested information about this incident, please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.