Sekulow: trump challenged the agenda of müller in the case of receipt

If the President of the United States Donald trump received a summons from spectacular investigating contacts his campaign with Russia, his lawyers will challenge it in court, said Sunday one of the lawyers of the American leader.

Any legal dispute on the issue of whether to compel the President to testify, can go all the way to the U.S. Supreme court, said lawyer J. Sekulow, speaking in the program “this week” on channel ABC.

According to Sekulow, trump hasn’t decided if he’ll agree to voluntarily answer questions from spectacular Robert Mueller, appointed to investigate the interference of Russia in the elections in 2016 and possible coordination of efforts between headquarters trump and representatives of Moscow.

Russia denies statements by us intelligence about its intervention. Trump also denied the conspiracy, calling the Mueller investigation as a political witch hunt.

Mueller can send the President a subpoena forcing him to testify, if trump would agree to answer his questions.

According to Sekulow, article 2 of the U.S. Constitution gives the President the authority to suspend any investigation conducted by the Ministry of justice. The article lists the powers of the Executive branch of the Federal government.

Among other things, the focus of attention Muller and investigators of the Congress was the meeting that took place a few months before the elections in the Trump Tower skyscraper in new York. It was attended by representatives of Russia, the President’s eldest son Donald trump Jr. and other employees of the campaign headquarters. Initially, the Republican trump said that this meeting was devoted to the adoption of children, but on Sunday it tweeted that it had been discussed obtaining information about his opponent in the election, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Russian authorities have deprived Americans of the right to adopt Russian children in response to American sanctions imposed by Congress in 2012.

From email correspondence released by trump Jr. that he was interested in the game because the campaign headquarters of his father was allegedly offered compromising information on Clinton.

Trump and his son said that the presidential candidate trump did not know in advance about the meeting, and that in itself it was not useful for the campaign.

Broadcaster CNN reported in July that the longtime personal lawyer of President Michael Cowan ready to inform Muller that trump all knew about this meeting in advance.

On Sunday, trump said on CNN and the Washington Post that the President is allegedly concerned that trump Jr. may be in trouble with the law.

“The fake news they say – and it’s a complete myth – that I’m worried about meeting my wonderful son, Donald in Trump Tower – trump wrote on Twitter. – It was a meeting to obtain information about the opponent, it is absolutely legitimate – as in politics do all the time, which in what have not resulted. I did not know about it”.