Ryanair seeks UK, the air operator licence

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Ryanair is seeking a licence to operate, united KINGDOM airways, which he says he may need in the event of a hard brexit.

The airline said it had applied to the UK regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, (CAA) for a united KINGDOM Air operator’s Certificate.

Ryanair ceo, Michael O’leary, has repeatedly warned about the impact of brexit on the aviation.

Previously, it has warned that flights between the UK and the EU could be grounded for months after brexit.

“Ryanair today (2 January), has confirmed that a subsidiary of the company is Ryanair united KINGDOM filed a request last December 21, for an Air operator Certificate (AOC) with the Civil Aviation Authority of the united KINGDOM.

“It may be necessary for Ryanair three UK domestic routes, in the case of a hard brexit in March, 2019.”

Ryanair has a relatively small number of inside the UK roads.

Some of these routes have been suspended during the winter months in the larger context of earth after Ryanair admitting “spoil” driver holiday lists in September.

The airline has been censured by the CAA, which threatened Ryanair with legal action for “the persistence of the misleading” passengers on their rights.

The action came after Ryanair cancelled more than 18,000 flights in September.