Poklonskaya responded to the deprivation status of the head of the state Duma Committee

The Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya responded to the reorganization of the two commissions in the state Duma and the resignation in this regard. She wrote about this on his page in the social network “Vkontakte”.

“I will try to track the fate of all cases that were collected and examined at me now exactly the last meeting of the Commission for conflict of interest. Although…as in the famous film: vague doubts still plagued by…”, — she wrote.

The Deputy explained that he sees in his retirement is nothing unusual: “Previously publicly promised punishment implement today open it would be very expensive and probably uncomfortable in front of people, and excessive glorification in this case would be. And it’s casual, optimize the reorganization”.

On 13 September the state Duma Committee on rules has abolished the Commission for control over revenues, which was headed by Poklonskaya. Also was disbanded the ethics Commission. Instead, the lower house of Parliament will create a single Commission which will assume the functions of the abolished working groups. “God forbid that new Commission have the necessary powers and tools to effectively address the same questions about the drunken brawlers from among the deputies, and swearing, and ownership of multi-billion dollar assets abroad,” — said on this occasion Poklonskaya.

Taylor voted against a government bill to raise the retirement age, which the state Duma on 19 July approved in the first reading. After the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the nation in which he announced the commutation of the pension reform, Poklonskaya wrote on his page in the social network that acted according to my conscience.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Subscribe!Background: Poklonskaya lost his post in the state Duma