Optimized Polestar software makes 4×4 Volvo’s rear

Volvo sports of emanation, Polestar has upgraded its Polestar-Designed Optimization software Accessory to help push more torque to the rear wheels in the Volvo all-wheel-drive cars.

The software is only active when the car is in its sportier Dynamic drive mode or when the driver turns off the electronic stability control.

Through the optimized system, more torque is pushed towards the back, and more often, which means that the car has a rear-wheel drive and the feeling that you claims results in a more sporty drive and better handling.

In addition to the new function, torque vectoring, Polestar Designed Tuning Accessory also sharpens the automatic backup of changes, holding gears around corners, accelerates the response of the engine and makes the engine more powerful.

It is available to all Volvo four-wheel-drive, non-hybrid models. Does not apply to Volvo plug-in hybrid vehicles because they use electricity only for the rear axle.

Polestar-Designed Tuning Accessory costs £830, with the software upgrade and the addition of any price increase. A current promotional offer which has temporarily reduced the pack to € 695.