Obama speaks about the achievements of the administration in the fight against terrorism

The final speech of the President on national security held at a military air base MacDill in Florida

In his recent speech on national security President Barack Obama spoke about the achievements of his administration in the fight against terrorism, stressing that in eight years of his presidency, these efforts have helped to protect Americans from numerous global threats.

As reported earlier from the White house, in the centre of the speech is the question of how the administration managed to create coalitions and to cooperate with local authorities in order to neutralize the Islamic state and other terrorist groups, without imposing too great a strain on the U.S. armed forces. Obama will deliver a speech Tuesday at MacDill air force base in Florida.

According to Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, “is a more sustainable approach, in which war zones were present in only a small number of American military personnel.”

However, some experts in the field of counter-terrorism think the rise of ISIS evidence that the Obama administration reacted quickly enough, despite the fact that as a result of her efforts managed to destroy a number of key leaders of the group.