Obama delivered the final speech on national security

The President focused on the successes of his administration in fighting the menace of terrorism

President Obama spoke about what had been done by his administration in the sphere of national security for almost eight years.

The President chose a symbolic place – a military base MacDill located near Tampa, Florida, where the headquarters of the U.S. Central command, and command of special operations: these are the institutions that are responsible for combating the terrorists and operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Of the US Central command for some time was commanded by General James Mattis, who is Donald trump intends to appoint the Minister of defence: it is believed that Mattis and Obama’s relationship was not easy.

Obama is a democratic President; meanwhile, in the USA traditionally, the President-the Republicans are more effective in ensuring the security of the country. During the recent election campaign of the Republican presidential candidates – including President-elect trump is constantly exposed Obama’s policies to criticism: reproach he put the strengthening of ISIS, the continued bloodshed in Syria, a large-scale terrorist acts committed in the territory of the United States, etc.

Recall that in the period of the Obama presidency was destroyed by Osama bin Laden, the perpetrator of the attacks of 11 September 2001, repealed “waterboarding” – simulated drowning of terrorism suspects, which Obama officially named “torture”, and significantly reduced the number of prisoners at Guantanamo to close the prison, which Obama promised before his first term, he failed. In his speech, the President reminded that the number of prisoners was reduced seven – fold to less than 60 people – and chided Congress that lawmakers refuse to resolve the issue and transfer of prisoners in U.S. custody.

In his speech, Obama spoke about his success in the fight against terrorism primarily on multilateral efforts to work with allies of the United States – stressing that no terrorist organization was not able to commit a terrorist act on the territory of the United States. He stressed that all these efforts were made in full accordance with the law.

Obama said that success does not mean that security threats to the United States have either disappeared or became less serious. The President called to assess the situation in the long term and outlined the basic principles of counter terrorism, which he called the “existential threat”. It was a kind of relay baton, which the outgoing President intends to hand over to the future.

Obama stressed that during the presidency never gave order for the use of military force unless absolutely necessary, when the “goal is achievable and this operation is absolutely necessary”. He also stressed the importance that the terrorists were not able to intimidate the American people, to fear of terror has not devalued American moral values and legitimacy, and to the leaders of the United States did not take important decisions on the basis of fear of terrorism.

Obama defended his policy of drones to hunt terrorist leaders – these actions caused discontent of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Obama stressed that it is crucial that the terrorists never feel safe and that the best alternative to these operations is not, as they allow to save many lives including civilians.

Obama also stressed the importance of diplomatic efforts to maintain peace and stability, citing as examples of success – agreement on Iran’s nuclear program and the removal from Syria of its chemical weapons stockpiles that have been achieved by his administration. “A dollar spent on development is worth more dollar spent on war”, the President said, urging to continue to provide assistance to poor and underdeveloped countries.

“The terrorists want to get us to turn on each other,” said Obama, noting that the United States should continue to remain a country of civil liberties, free of discrimination and unnecessary suspicion. He urged not to stigmatise the Muslims and not trying to start a war with Islam.

Barack Obama urged America – based on hope, not fear – to be a beacon and a model for the rest of the world. He thanked the American soldiers for what they did and for what they have to do. Obama made a speech in the traditional phrase “God bless America.”