Nigeria proposes $2 billion bill to phone giant

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Nigeria mobile operator MTN to pay $2 billion (£1.6 billion) tax bill, so the company asked.

MTN challenged the image to say it, the activities in the past decade. He said that it had paid the bill with $700m payment.

The tax claim is the latest in a series of disputes between MTN and Nigeria, the largest market.

In the year 2016, the company agreed to pay Nigeria $to separate 1.7 billion over otherwise, non-registered Sim-cards.

Last week, Nigerian Central Bank, the company had said the return of $8bn, were out of the country illegally.

MTN, Africa’s largest mobile-phone company, said that the tax debt had arisen from a study of Nigeria ‘ s attorney general and in relation to “the import foreign equipment and payments to foreign suppliers in the last 10 years”.

But, he added, “MTN Nigeria believes that the full payment of all receivables from taxes in question”.

The company’s shares on the Johannesburg stock exchange, the messages fell sharply on Tuesday, reaching a low of almost 10 years.