Neighbors heard the smell of corpses: from Kiev he lived with the dead body of their comrade

In Kiev, a man brutally murdered his friend and for several days lived in the house with the body of the deceased. With the appearance of the militiamen hid under the sofa.

About it reports Department of communications policyi tolicy.

“The duty of the Dnipro police Department received a report from a local resident that her neighbor for several days do not get in touch, and in the entrance of the house to hear the putrid smell. On a scene left it is investigative-task force of district and Chief of police, “ – said in the message.

Rescuers with the fire escape entered the apartment. The house was a mess, and in one of the rooms lay a man covered by a sheet.

“During the inspection of the scene, the police found the guy who hid under the sofa. He was immediately detained because he had given evidence that he committed the murder of the landlord. This 22 – year-old young man, he lived a few months at the victim, who worked as a security guard in a jewelry store and had to help with the employment of the suspect. It was also established that detainee a few days living in the apartment with the corpse, used the belongings of the killed, went to the store for alcohol and food, “ – said the chief of police of Kiev Andrey Krishchenko.

According to preliminary information, the day of the murder the comrades drank alcohol. During a feast between them there was a conflict in which the offender snatched out a traumatic gun and shot the victim several times in the head. Then grabbed a knife and a hammer, which caused bodily injury.

The malefactor was detained. He was a resident of Vyshneve, Kyiv region, which is now not working anywhere. The criminal proceedings are investigated under part 1 St. 115 (premeditated murder) of UK of Ukraine. To the man threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.

As reported March 28 in the Carpathian mother with a hammer killed 6-year-old daughter.