A check-list of the recruiter: how to identify the 1% of talent, when you get 6 thousands summary per year

We have quite a strict funnel and we made it so special. Here are some tips on how to find really effective and motivated employees who will stay with you for a long time and will develop in the company. Put the global goal

The first step is to formulate the criteria that will determine the severity of the recruitment funnel. We want to identify and select the top 1% of specialists. Our main motto is — don”t follow the crowd. It can be difficult. If you have not yet set themselves extremely ambitious goals, it is unlikely to do the recruitment funnel is so narrow. First, you will spend extra resources to the selection process. Second, you will have tasks that correspond to the level of hired specialists. Employees get bored and not stay long. Need professional challenges and development. Start with values

To find an employee who will give 100% and even a little more, you should start with values. You must ensure that the development coincides with personal life vector person.

In our case, there are four main values that are important to everyone who wants to join the team. The first value — don”t follow the crowd. Adhere to this principle at the company level and expect similar behavior from every employee. The second value — ownership. The Manager acts as the owner of”om directions: owns his stream of work and responsible for it. The third value is formulated as don”t settle for less. The team is not satisfied with average results, only the best. Finally, the last value is transparency. Strictly honest and transparent relationship. Learn portrait specialist

The main objective when meeting with the candidate to understand his personal history. Be sure to ask the specialist about past experiences and listen carefully as he reacts their own successes and failures, accepting responsibility, ready to answer for the result. This will help to determine whether the person shares your values.

In addition to past, it is necessary to study and future, the way a specialist sees it. We always pay attention to the context in which the person we served, whether the position fits his story (career map) if this position opportunities for development, is of interest to this candidate. This tactic is actively used by Western companies, which produces its own high-level specialists. There have been instances when we have compromised and turned a blind eye to the fact that the history looks weird. It always ends in tears, the staff member had gone: after a trial-period or during it, yourself or with our help.

The study of the past and the future helps to make a portrait of a potential employee and predict how it will behave you in the company. Check really necessary skills

During the second interview (for example, to the position of digital marketer) good shows the effect known tactic case-based interview. This method is used, for example, BCG and Procter&Gamble. This analysis of the specific business case. I advise you to choose a situation as similar as possible to those which the specialist will work.

For the interview, the applicant can prepare. If you do not raise the exchange traders working in conditions of constant stress, it makes no sense to test nervous system specialist. The candidate gets the job and preparing yourself. On seeing him dismantle the case and try to delve into the situation.

The goal of this step is “failing” to find his limits, to see how deep it can analyze the situation and at what level will begin to make mistakes. This is not a quiz on knowledge of terms. Case-based interview is needed in order to determine how the specialist will work in practice. Each business case there is a solution, and not one. Some solutions are more efficient, meaningful, some less.

Practice shows that the ideal candidates are able to find and prove a complete solution that almost never happens. The hiring Manager it is important to understand what kind of mistakes people make, and how to help him to eliminate these “imperfections”: training, mentoring, and so on. Differentiate one the selection process

Apply for different jobs and different strategies and tactics. For example, the selection process for customer service representative (CSR) are different from the stages of selection for the position of digital marketer. CSR — entry level in the company, and at the same time the post — jump. CSR can potentially lead the direction and even walk to the top Manager of the company (not in theory, such cases was indeed).

The first and most important requirement — Fluent English. A global company cannot afford to illiterate support. To guarantee the appropriate level of English, an interview with the future of CSR and the entire onboarding process also occurs in English. In addition, we completely switched to English communication within the team.

Another important skill is the ability to combine work in a defined framework with flexibility. To test the approach: modeling a situation in which you need to make a decision. As in the case of case-based interview for the digital marketer, cases are as close to real tasks. That’s just the preparation time in this case is not provided, because CSR should be able to make decisions quickly, while remaining customer-oriented. Immerse the candidate in the process

Even finding employees at the entry level must be thorough. For example, selected for the position of CSR is happening in seven stages: a preview of the CV, the test of English, a phone interview for a remote job interview in the office, another job — and then the decision. And then begins the most important stage: the two-week onboarding process, during which eliminated half the candidates.

It is not accidental loss and purposeful process. No interview will not show 100% exactly how the employee will behave in a real working environment. In an interview with people can pretend, but two weeks to play the role he is unlikely to succeed. Therefore we suggest especially to immerse the candidate in a real work process and see how it manifests itself. Help to unlock the potential

Important know-how which will be helpful to many companies, is to identify the potential in somebody and learning to determine what he already knows how to do, and develop it. Practice shows that the examination is not as important as motivation. If a person is something burning in mechanics he will understand — especially if it be supported.

This applies both to the selection of candidates, and to develop those professionals, which is already in the company. For example, there was a case when the employee is on the position of the CSR decided to change career and work in digital marketing. She was a two-week course on SEO and were ready to leave the company, only to develop in this direction. It was a conscious decision, it was immediately grabbed everything that was touched on this topic. So we bribed the commitment that we gave her the opportunity to develop within the company. The girl left with the position of CSR, and six months later became head of SEO. Don’t be afraid of unexpected talents and aspirations of employees. Do not stop the development process

Enough to select the best candidates, their development should be constantly maintained, otherwise they will cease to be the best. Since we position ourselves as Education company not only to customers but also in internal approaches, for us it is doubly important.

To support the development. For example, to help managers who attend courses and training directly associated with the necessary skill. In some cases it makes sense to sponsor (fully or partially paid course), in others — to meet, adjusting their working schedule and freeing up employee time for training.

Do not forget about the possibilities of online courses. When on Udemy were discounts on the occasion of Black Friday, we have gathered the whole team wishes and bought several courses. Access to enterprise account with these courses have not all, but very many employees.

Recently had the idea to conduct training within the company. We came up with a very good specialist in data analysis and, in particular, Excel. Colleagues asked her to share her knowledge, she agreed. In the future, we plan to invite third-party lecturers, and also create several courses focused on CSR. Think about who in the team could tighten up the skills of colleagues, and propose a workshop or lecture.

It all seems complicated, but just need to begin — and lower the bar will not happen. When you hire two professionals of high level, them the team will not take third “mediocre” because you feel responsible. We owe the people working inside the company to bring only the best of the best. That’s why we get 1% of candidates and only the neck of the funnel narrows.