NBC: Russia – the main suspect in the acoustic attacks on diplomats

Russia is the Prime suspect in the investigation into the causes of mysterious ailments employees of us embassies in Cuba and China, said Tuesday on NBC News.

As part of an investigation involving the FBI, CIA and other agencies had intercepted information indicating the involvement of Moscow, reports channel with reference to three unnamed officials and two more people who were told about the investigation.

Thus, according to NBC, found the evidence convincing enough that the United States could publicly accuse Moscow.

The FBI refused to comment on reports NBC. Familiar with the official estimates of a source in the US government also refused to confirm reports.

In July, the US authorities have stated that they are investigating the incident at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba and don’t know who or what was the cause of the mysterious illness of employees. The symptoms started in 2016 and appeared in 26 American citizens.

State Department spokesman Heather Nauert on Tuesday said: “We have not made any conclusions about who or what is behind the attacks.”

Symptoms include hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, headache, fatigue. According to the state Department, this is reminiscent of a light traumatic injury of cranial of the brain.

In June, the state Department said that a group of diplomats came back from the Chinese city of Guangzhou because of concerns about a mysterious illness resembling a traumatic brain injury.

The Cuban government, which conducted its own investigation, declare that not involved in the attacks.

According to NBC, Washington believes that targeting diplomats used a sophisticated electromagnetic weapons, possibly in combination with other technologies.

US forces tried to reconstruct this technology by reverse engineering, including testing on animals, reports channel NBC, citing administration officials, congressional aides and other sources.

Reportedly, part of the work carried out in the framework of the research program in the area of directed energy at air force base Kirtland in the state of new Mexico, where there are giant lasers and lab for testing high-power electromagnetic weapons.