Modified Mazda Wankel engine

Mazda has patented the rotary-piston engine (RPD) from the vertical shaft which will be used in electrified models to drive an electric generator. Patent image motor published by the Japanese patent office.

In the old rotary motors shaft is horizontal. In the new, he occupies a vertical position that will allow you to install the unit under the Luggage compartment floor and used as an optional “range extender.”

One of the problem areas of a Wankel engine is the need for oil injection in the working chamber for lubrication of the rotating rotor. This problem Mazda engineers decided with an L-shaped channel through which the oil gets on the side walls and the lower end plate, and on the verge of the rotor.

In March of this year, Vice President of sales of the European division of Mazda Martin ten brink said that “resurrected” the rotary unit is the size of a “shoebox”, and with accessories like cooling systems – “as the two boxes”. The motor has a single layout and without the turbocharger and will be set as low as possible to ensure the best possible center of gravity, said brink.