Missing Perth woman’s body found in bush grave

The Police searched the bush Ashendon Thursday, and believe the woman they had found, Thursday, Julie Anne Cooper, 55, of Doubleview.

Ms. Cooper talked about the last time the family on the 17th of August, when it indicated that it would be out of contact for two weeks.

“We’ve been investigating for some time — the exact date I do the release,” homicide squad detective senior sergeant Manus Walsh told reporters.

A 31-year-old man who was known for Julie Anne Cooper is being questioned about his suspicious death.

Ms. Cooper is a member of the family and friends became increasingly worried when she missed important appointments and that they could not reach it.

They reported her missing to police early this month.

His daughter has posted on social networks last week that his phone was turned off and the police have been to check if his bank accounts had been used.

Mrs. Cooper’s daughter wrote that her family was “shocked” and “devastated” by his disappearance.

It is in the money, 2006 model Toyota Camry sedan with the registration number 1CGT526, who is wanted by police investigating the death of Julie Anne Cooper in the city of Perth.

The Police search for his 2006 silver Toyota Camry sedan, which had license plates 1CGT 526 but different plates can now be mounted on the vehicle.

“We believe that these plates have been changed,” Det Snr Walsh said the Cbrc.

“His car, we believe, is in the possession of someone else who was possibly involved in what may have been the legality of the transaction.

“There has been an exchange that has led to that the vehicle goes to someone else.”

This person may not know that they have Ms. Cooper’s vehicle, the detective said.

Asked whether his bank account, and the phone had been used, he said that some of his personal items have been consulted.

Ms. Cooper family has been informed.

Police are urging anyone with information on the location of the vehicle come in contact.

Mara Harvey and Anthony Harvey.

It comes less than a week after the police discovered five bodies in one of Perth, at home, in the mass murder that has rocked Western Australia.

Anthony Harvey, 24, allegedly used a blunt instrument, and knives to kill his 41-year-old female, Mara Harvey, their three daughters and his mother.

Mr. Harvey would have murdered his wife, three-year-old daughter Charlotte and two-year-old twins Alice and Beatrix on 3 September, a day after the feast of the fathers — to accused of having killed his wife, mother of Beverley Quinn, 73, that the next day, when she turned up at the house.

It was the third of the family of mass-murder in the WA in four months, which represents 15 of 23 domestic violence-related deaths in the state this year.

The judicial police, agents are considered to be outside of Mara Harvey’s home in the town of Bedford, Perth. Photo: AAP

The three adults and four children were fatally injured in Osmington regional WA in May, while a mother and her two children have been killed in Ellenbrook in the north-east of Perth, in July.

The federal Minister for Women, Kelly O’dwyer became emotional in parliament on Tuesday, during a review of Bedford’s death.

“Any attempt to describe the horror of this tragedy that ended the lives of three small children, the children of the mother and their grand-mother is futile. It is incomprehensible,” she said.

“Unfortunately, this is the third terrible murder, a murder of the family, in WA this year. It is clear that the family and domestic violence remains far too prevalent.” She stressed that the two sides of the parliament at all levels must do more to tackle the issue.