Mini future under control

The future of the Mini brand is radically rethought as its BMW parent made great changes in the product plans.

Autocar understands that the plans for a new fourth-generation Mini have been pushed back and any new model will not appear before 2023. Even the big makeover planned for today, the Mini beach at the end of 2019 may be stored as part of BMW’s overall planning of the revision.

A plan for the Oxford-based brand would be to see BMW and Chinese car maker Great Wall to join to develop a new small front-wheel-drive platform, which would be used for a whole new range of Minis to be launched by 2023.

Sources also say the fourth generation of the Mini range is likely to decrease, with an axe hanging over future versions of the cabriolet and three-door hatchback.

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The dislocation of the Mini brand is coming after BMW’s decision to transfer the production to just two platforms for all of its future models. These have been dubbed FAAR for the front-wheel-drive cars and CLAR for the rear-wheel drive, as revealed by Autocar in December of last year.

This strategic move, say insiders, was to the left of the Mini future up in the air because as FAAR architecture is too expensive and too large to support future Mini models.

As a BMW platform strategist Lutz Meyer said Bus, both the FAAR and CLAR platforms will be designed to allow vehicles to be produced with internal combustion engines, as a plug-in hybrid and pure electric models.