Metropolitan Onufry urged the congregation to remain faithful to the canonical Ukrainian Church

Moscow. September 11. INTERFAX – Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Onufry urged his flock to preserve the purity of the faith, not becoming like politicians crossing from one party to another.

“From us, God requires that we give his life, but He wants us to be principled in their faith. So we were not blurred, as politicians today in the same party, tomorrow another, the day after the third, then no. We have one “party” (figuratively speaking) is the Church of Christ, the Holy Orthodox Church. And we need to be principled and protect the purity of faith which the Lord gave us,” he said Tuesday in Kiev after the service on the occasion of the day of the beheading of John the Baptist.

According to Metropolitan Onufrii, “right faith is the right direction in life, which shows people where to go”, while “the man who does not have the correct faith, can go to God, but God will not reach”.

Metropolitan wished the Orthodox to be true to God and principle in matters of faith, and to go the way that is outlined in the gospel.

“This path is called narrow, but it is pleasant, it is not bitter. The broad way of sin, there can be a lot of side to side to rush, but there is bitterness everywhere – inside kind of bitterness, sadness, hopelessness. (…) May the Lord help us to go this way”, – said the head of the Ukrainian Church.