Media: US authorities want access to messages in Messenger

US authorities are trying to compel Facebook to provide the encryption codes of his Messenger, which are popular among users, reported Reuters, citing unnamed sources.

Three people knowledgeable about the course matter considered in the closed mode, the Agency said that law enforcement agencies want to be able to retrieve voice mail app users, suspects in criminal proceedings.

In this regard, the question arose again whether the company to change to modify its products in order to provide the authorities with the possibility of “wiretapping”.

According to Reuters, currently in one of the Federal courts of California is a closed process, in which Facebook protests filed by the U.S. Department of justice accusing the company in contempt of court for failure to provide access to messages in Messenger on request of the authorities.

Representatives from Facebook and the US Department of justice, according to Reuters, refused hot on the trail refused to comment on the situation.

It is reported that the issue of access to the Messenger originated in Fresno, California, in the investigation of crime street gang MS-13.

If the court will satisfy the request of the authorities, the same argument can be applied against other companies that provide services for the encryption of messages, such as Signal WhatsApp and Facebook, experts say.