McDonnell calls Lehman good-bye ‘to vomit’

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A reunion for the 10 year anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, was called “disgusting” by the shadow Chancellor.

The failure of the US investment Bank, in 2008, was a defining moment in the financial crisis.

Mr McDonnell said those who had suffered a “decade of austerity would be” disgusted “absolutely” of the event.

Financial News, the first of the party plans, said about 200 former employees were invited.

The journal said the Assembly planned for 15. September – the day of the Lehman’s collapse would mean a decade ago -, cocktails and canapés.

How has the financial crisis of 2008?
‘Chill out’: Ten years since the financial crisis

Lehman collapse announces the beginning of a global crisis, with governments across the world scrambling to avert a possible meltdown of the financial system.

The collapse sent shock waves through the financial markets, with the former Chancellor Alistair Darling said that the bank collapse “is not to panic in the system.”

“It is set in motion, events that break our banks and the American banks within a few hours, only three weeks later,” he said later..

“When Lehman went down, went to the people through other banks, to look, to go for the next one. The situation was getting worse and worse.”


The bank employs over 5,000 employees in the UK, and if it went bankrupt, estimated to have lost 25,000 people worldwide their jobs.”Highly inappropriate’

An E-Mail invite to the Lehman reunion, seen by financial news, addressed to “Lehman Brothers & Sisters” and reads: “It is hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since the last of our Lehman-days!… One of the best things about Lehman the people. To celebrate what better way to the tenth anniversary, as everyone from the former MDB former analysts again!”

Mr McDonnell said the party plans were “unacceptable and highly inappropriate”.

“This is absolutely sickening that after a decade of people with austerity measures. It is especially shameful in the context of all of the people who pay to lose their jobs and homes, for the rescue of these bankers as the cause of the financial crash,” he added.

Financial News said, the organization of the event was aware of the fact that it could be seen as controversial, and had tried to, the details of the event and its location is a secret.