Mbappe received a three-match ban, and the player that triggered it – a run of five successive

The disciplinary Committee of the French League reviewed the incident with the participation of the PSG striker Kilian Mbappe and defender Nimes Tezhi Savagnier in the match 4-th round of Ligue 1.

19-year-old player of the Paris club pushed Savagnier after a rough tackle, and both players received red cards. Having considered all the circumstances of the case, the disciplinary Committee issued its decision regarding the punishment.

As reported by RMC Sport, Mbappe received a three-match suspension. Punishment also suffered Savagnier – it is disqualified on five matches, but conditionally. He will miss five games only in the case following removal.

Earlier it was reported that the Italian players were disqualified for blasphemy in Serie a match.

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