Led lamp

In the review, I will discuss the powerful led lamp for a headlight of the motorcycle.

The lamp consists of five LEDs, three of which are displaced to the end of the bulb are responsible for the dipped and main beam to the three connects two led, shifted to the base of the lamp.

The lamp built-in driver and fan, the lamp housing is made of aluminum.
The kit includes 4 adapter, adapter after installation, the lamp is fixed with a screw.

I want to note that the bulb will not install in every motorcycle. Firstly this is due to the big size. To install it on a Honda CB600S I had to remove the front plastic and even removing it when installing I broke a mount, the benefit to fixing this was not difficult.
If the headlamp features protection from water and dust, it cannot be installed. By the way on the seller’s website has a video of the lamp working under water, apparently to protect from moisture it requires. Although it makes me some doubts.

Measure measure the brightness of the lamp. The brightness of the lamps for the front lights I’m going to measure luxtera placing the sensor at a distance of one meter from the light source.
When the middle light illumination produced by the lamp was 3800 4160 Suite and Suite when the high beam.

Now let’s see electrical characteristics.

For clarity, I built dependency graphs of the input current, the voltage from which it is possible to see that the driver copes with its task.

And now my favorite. Heat. At an ambient temperature of 27 degrees, I put the lamp in a cardboard box so that the part with the LEDs were in the box, and the part with the fan and the driver remained outside.

The experiment lasted 30 minutes when working in the middle and far light. See that the lamp goes to steady state heating for 15 minutes.
On theprogramme below you can see the heat lamp.
Low beam:

Distant light:

Now let’s see how the bulb will illuminate the road.
Compare led lamp with standard lamp pouring OSRAM 55/60W and the middle and far light.It was shot on the Gopro hero 2.
Low beam:

Distant light:

The led bulb is definitely much brighter, but the incandescent bulbs, there is a clear light-shadow boundary.

I think that spotlight with led lamp can also be configured so that it does not blind drivers of counter cars.

Too lazy to read or want to see the lamp in the dynamics, make the video: