The actions of the Constantinople get the “green light” anti-Catholic pogrom in the Ukraine, according to the world Russian Cathedral

*** The Patriarchate of Constantinople is in danger of becoming “complicit in crimes against the religious freedoms of Ukrainian citizens”

Moscow. September 11. INTERFAX – the world Russian people’s Council (WRPC) believe that the intervention of the Patriarchate of Constantinople over the Church of Ukraine will be a kind of “signal” to rioters, nationalists in this country.

“Against the background of threats and blackmail against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, coming from various political forces and extremist groups, the decision of the Patriarchate of Constantinople on the appointment of “exarchs” will inevitably become another impetus to a new, even more brutal and aggressive actions of radical nationalists against the Orthodox religious majority. In fact, it gives a green light to a new anti-Catholic pogrom in Ukraine”, – said Tuesday “Interfax” the head of the Expert center ARNS Alexander Rudakov.

He reminded that similar events have occurred in Western Ukraine in the late 1980’s-early 1990-ies, when the Orthodox clergy and believers were expelled from the temples, had been abused and beaten, until physical death. “Something similar could happen again today in Central, southern and Eastern regions of the country”, – said A. Rudakov.

In his opinion, in this situation, part of the blame for the incident will fall on Patriarch Bartholomew and those in the Church of Constantinople, who support his actions. “In authorizing such actions, they, on moral and humanitarian points of view, will become complicit in crimes against the religious freedoms of Ukrainian citizens”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

He reminded the representatives of Constantinople that Ukraine for four years is “in a state of civil war”, and urged them to realize that their last steps are performed contrary to the gospel commandments, “blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

“Not having any canonical basis, they are entirely political in nature and indications of intervention in the political standoff in Ukraine on the background of the upcoming presidential elections”, – said A. Rudakov, who said that such moves will inevitably undermine the spiritual authority of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and become “the starting point of discussions on the revision of its role in world Orthodoxy.”

The world Russian people’s Council – an international public organization, which was established in 1993 and became an all-Russian podium of public opinion. The head of the Council is Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. In 2005, the world Russian people’s Council was granted special consultative status at the UN.