Jacques Ruppert: the most comfortable cars for less than £3800

Back pain? You’re not the only one according to my research, the loads of more than 30 years of helping motorists with their car puzzles. If I had a franc for every time someone asked me to suggest a car to help you to cope with their back problems, I would have a brand new Porsche 911 GT3.

So here is a fairly typical request, and I hope it turns out that these issues can be addressed in a frugal mode. The last patient was the survivor of three serious operations, and suffered from middle and lower back pain. She sold her Lexus because the seat was positioned too low. She discovered that she could eliminate the pain in the middle of the back with the help of the Japanese car and electronic adjustments, but the lower back pain has not gone away.

We love a Lexus, even if only half of the care of a problem, and the purchase of a LS is always a great thing to do. The fixing may possibly cost you, but an order of a 2001 LS430 with a strong sixfigure mileage is less than £1500. She has advised, and I don’t think it was me, to buy a SUV, which is the default value of the return of cure of position. Entry and exit is easier and that the buildings of great height of the driving position is supposed to help. Well, the Nissan Qashqai it has purchased do not help. In fact, she was sorry to say goodbye to the Lexus, because the Qashqai seat was of average quality.