Jacques Ruppert: the best car alternatives to the purchase on finance

Car buyers want an easy life, which is fair enough, except that I think that the process is never expected to be as painless. After all, if you have complacency, it is when the errors occur.

Anyway, I note that there are more and more companies piling into the guarantee of the sale in line with the easy addition of the finance market. This is not new; over the years, I’ve watched countless e-commerce companies that have tried to do the whole car purchase thing less stressful. Many of these companies no longer work.

Let’s look at the ingredients of one, I fell the other day. For a start, it has offered vehicles that have undergone a professional inspection, which is good. The price of the vehicle online, have been presented as monthly fees, then a personal loan robot does while ruminating on your behalf once you have entered all of your details.

I now understand why some of us need loans to buy a car and there may be very good reasons to do so. However, I would like to politely suggest that, in the ideal, we should save and spend what we have, rather than pay interest.