In Kiev, the alien threw himself under a train in the subway

In Kiev at the metro station Kontraktova square man threw himself under a train, trying to commit suicide.

It is reported The incident occurred “.

“The first photos from the crash site of a subway train in Kiev on Kontraktova: a man stretched on a hands and feet on the ground, bruises and abrasions, fatal injuries are not visible, conscious, very lucky. Alien tattoos. With each physician. Witnesses say jumped himself. In favor of this indicates a broken windshield“, – stated in the message.

In the Kiev metro confirmed the incident, stating that metro has failed for the passenger.

“Attention! The movement of trains on the blue line restored to normal. A failure in the chart occurred because of the passenger on the way station “Kontraktovaya“,“ – said the press service of the Metropolitan.

As reported August 26 in Kiev, a drunk girl threw herself under a train in the subway.