In Kiev, launched the first military boat for the Ukrainian Navy

In Kiev, a solemn ceremony of launching assault boats of the centaur, the capital created by the Forge on the Rybalsky by order of the Ukrainian Navy. The event was held with the participation of the Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov.

About it reports the UNIAN.

“I want to sincerely thank our manufacturers, our professionals produce goods that is not inferior to the world analogues. It is not inferior boats of this class NATO. It is a powerful weapon. It has the ability to move at a speed of 50 knots. He can parachute 36 Marines and, importantly, has a fairly powerful weapons system and missile weapons, and combat modules have a stabilization system, which allows you to accurately hit the target, without reducing speed boats. This is a fully Ukrainian development – from design to finished boat,“ – said the NSDC Secretary.

Also Turchynov thanked all those involved in the production of the Centaur.

“I am convinced that our front is not only in the East. He runs through every defense enterprises, through the heart of every patriot. This front is growing stronger and every day we increase its capacity, every day we are advancing towards our common victory, to the liberation of our native land. I want to wish our Marines who will carry out the difficult task, always won, and with victory returned alive and unharmed“ – summed up Oleksandr Turchynov.

A couple of these boats was laid by December 2016, the second to launch in the coming days, said the Duma.

The length of the new units of the naval forces of Ukraine — 24,3 m, maximum width is 4.8 meters, maximum draft — meter. The Autonomous boats — five days, the crew — five people, desktopmetronome 32. Two water-jet engine manufacturing company Hamilton Jet of New Zealand. allow the Centaur to reach speeds up to 50 knots (92,6 km/h).

The boat is armed with two 80-mm jet systems of volley fire, two weapon stations with 12,7 mm machine guns and 40 mm grenade launchers, as well as systems for the production of a smokescreen.

Also, centaur has established a solid radar DRS4D-NXT has a working range of 36 nautical miles. Radar allows you to track up to 100 targets at once. In addition, there are satellite terminal Iridium Pilot, which allows you to simultaneously have up to three independent communication lines and provides a constant connection to the data network at speeds up to 134 kbps.

“Boats had to lower the water in the summer, but due to a hitch with the delivery of the cannons managed to do it just now,“ the journalists found out.

As reported on September 14, hundreds of riot police gpsu will be sent to the units at the Azov and Black seas.