IGN sacks writer over YouTube dispute

Motion Twin

Prominent gaming news website IGN has apologized and fired a writer who was supposed to submit plagiarised a game.

The company has been criticized, according to the YouTuber Boomstick-Gaming found the similarities between his review of Motion-Twin’s multi-platform title dead cells and IGN’s review the same game.

Although the IGN review has now been removed, it can webcache temporarily through the Google service.

Image Copyright @DeaditeAGK

In response, IGN is removed, check their website, she apologized for Boomstick-Gaming and “parted ways” with the reviewers.

“We take our review process seriously,” read an official statement. “We apologize to our readers, developer, Motion Twin, especially the YouTuber known as iron Gaming…

To investigate “after taking the time, we found that there were significant similarities between a informed weeks earlier and our review, which is not justified…

“The test itself was simply not acceptable. We have parted to do with the writer.”How has the reaction of the YouTuber?

Boomstick Gaming

In an interview with the BBC, Alex K – the man behind the shooting iron Gaming YouTube channel, said that his ideal outcome is not the IGN writer, lose his job.

“As [the writer],” Alex K said, “this was his first video review at IGN.

“It is easy to understand, to know, to find someone who has done several reviews, but it should not have been replicated in this way.

“I foster no ill-will to [him] and do not encourage the firing of this man.

“I was unemployed for six months now, and do not want this burden on anyone.

“I don’t know much about the author… but hopefully he’ll find a career soon.”

And he confirmed that he was contacted was by IGN Editorial Manager games Tina Amini, offered their apologies to him and said, you understand the efforts by “passionate people” like him in your work.

Image Copyright @TinaAmini

What are the similarities between the reviews?

Alex K identified posted 10 similarities between the two reviews in a video to his shooting-iron Gaming-YouTube-channel.

Among his actions, he claims, both videos follow a similar structure, and refers to several incidents of phrases and sentences, he says, were lifted almost word-for-word.

For example, in a part of its audit, shooting-iron Gaming the combat system in Dead Cells, called the way “fast, fluid, responsive, and one of the most rewarding representations of 2D fighting on the entire genre”.

While in her review of IGN saying that “the battles are fast, fluid, responsive, have fast and hands down one of the most satisfying representations of video game-fight before I ever”.

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How often is that?

YouTube has a long, complicated relationship with copyright law.

Its controversial Content ID system has material proven to be effective – even if not perfectly – in identifying if someone has used non-licensed music or film.

But there is nothing about the alleged plagiarism in this case, where the footage and audio is different, but both videos can appear to follow a similar script.

Nevertheless, there are countless YouTube videos from people accused of such allegations for every day, with popular YouTubers often, the adaptation of the content of the smaller channels.

And to detect this kind of plagiarism is so difficult, Jason Schreier, news editor of game site Kotaku, called for people, online, through the critical IGN.

Image Copyright @Jason Schreier
@Jason Schreier

What have to think the game developers?

There is another side to this debate – what it does-Motion-Twin, who has the video game, which lost 9.7/10 review from IGN for the night.

In a statement to the BBC, Motion Twin, the situation called “very unpleasant”.

“The naming and shaming and witch hunting that occurred on social media seems unnecessary and downright immature, given the circumstances,” read the statement.

“From this perspective, it was refreshing to see how the shooting iron, the real injured party, self-settled, still civil, and strikingly human.

“In any case, we have a more constructive public discussion, than what we have seen so far.

“Some people have asked how we feel about the loss of the overview. The rest of it was bombastic, and IGN will do the other.

“In any case, the internet-drama, more than compensated for the loss of visibility, it’s just a shame that it had to come at such a cost, and contribute to more online negativity.”

Tom Gerken, the BBC’s UGC & Social News