Got to Be Free: the spirit of freedom and the melody of the Ukrainian soul

Recently on the territory of Ukraine’s largest creative and cultural complex Art factory Platform hosted an incredible show with national colors – the musical Got to Be Free. The event was a rehearsal before the performance open air in Toronto. The show will be presented September 15 at the site of the Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival. The plans of the troupe are touring around the world.

“Art-Zavod Platforma is a creative driver of all our endeavors. It is on the principle of “Golden section“ of our assets: at the center of innovation, cultural trends, technology and creative thinking. Was great to be in our creative space a musical that reflects our present day and through culture brings people together. We are grateful to the creative team of the musical and wish him inspiration and luck, including concerts in Canada!“, – Igor Zubitsky, CEO of City Capital Group.

The musical has become a real Ukrainian soul melody ringing “Nightingale song“, which has acquired “rocky“ sound. Fatal not only in terms of musical genre, even though the musical ideas are really powerful and emotional rock album “Got to Be Free“ Vladimir Lavrenchuk. The events in question – the fateful, momentous for Ukraine, a turning point in the fate of our country. Creative reflection has resulted in nagging spectacular show. Dignity revolution and the subsequent war in the East, the national passion and pride, bitterness and hope – all entwined. The purpose of the play was to recreate the spirit of the Maidan. And the composer Lavrenchuk, who was an active participant in this popular uprising against the injustice and arbitrariness of the authorities, it was a real musical rebellion, impregnated with own experiences from happening. Creating a rock Opera, author and the participants of the Maidan, went outside of trends, outside of trends, outside fashion. Do not follow the General trends, but to create them – such was the promise of the action.

“For us it is a matter of honor and the ability to convey to those who still doubt the events on the Maidan, the true energy that we felt,“ says Ivan lenyo, actor, frontman of the band Kozak System.

The presentation involved 100 artists – 100 souls, 100 faces, 100 hearts in unison. The performance combines rapid rock music performed by the Symphony orchestra (conductor – Nazar Yakobinchuk), passionate choreography (choreographer – Tolik Frolov), vocal performances and complex video effects. Many of the participants on the stage play themselves: in particular the leader of the band Kozak System Ivan lenyo and “Voice of Maidan” – the Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk. Dmitry Lenartowicz – known Ukrainian actor masterfully created the image of the antihero-the aunts, the other starring Anastasia Starova, Daniel Bilak, Marina Bohun, Igor gromadskiy. In the production also involved the band Kozak System. Each actor not only plays a role, but emits light. It is on this principle and came to the casting. Believe them and believe with them, though he plunged into that fateful day and hour. Most of them I met standing side by side on the Maidan and creating the future of our country. Not one sleepless night was spent on that scene, it was a starting point for the strongest of friendships.