Football: UEFA amended the rules of the Champions League and Europa League

UEFA has amended the regulations of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, which will take effect from next season, reports the official UEFA website.

Now at the 4 best clubs from 4 associations with the highest rating will automatically get to the group stage of the Champions League. At the moment it is clubs from Spain, England, Italy and Germany.

2 the club will progress straight to the group stage of the Champions League on associations, which occupies the 5-th and 6-th place in the ranking. Now that the Championships of France and Russia.

The winner of the Europa League will get a place in the group stage of the Champions League (before he could get to the round of the playoffs).

Changed the system of counting club coefficient: the coefficient of Association will no longer affect the coefficient of the club will take into account the historical success of the club in this tournament.

Will also change the distribution of Finance between the clubs. Will be substantially increased payments to clubs and leagues, introduced a new four-stage distribution system of Finance.