Drop-top-Porsche 911 Speedster-revealed concept


Porsche has revealed a concept of the 911 Speedster that is in production, is a sports car as the ” swansong of the 991.2-generation.

Although the Stuttgart-based short-the 911 Speedster is confirmed to be built, it describes the concept as “a potential series-version”. Prototypes have already been spotted testing in Germany.

As previously reported by Autocar, the open-top-concept, the chassis is shared with the 911 GT3, and employs a six-cylinder engine with “more than 500 HP” and revving to 9000rpm. This is likely to reflect the production 911 Speedster, the GT3 with a naturally-aspirated 4.0-Liter flat six. In the GT3, it delivers 493bhp and 339lb ft.

The concept uses a six-speed manual transmission. If the production version will follow the example of the GT3, it will be offered with either a six-speed manual or seven-speed PDK transmission.

The 911 Speedster is a lightweight tonneau cover, rather than a convertible soft-top, while other weight-reduction measures include the removal of the sat-nav, audio and air conditioning systems. The bucket seats are made of carbon fiber.

The concept of body is based on the 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet, but with wings, the front bonnet and the rear cover is made of lightweight carbon fiber composite.

A rear cover, also made of carbon fiber that connects behind the front seats, a roll-over structure and a ‘double bubble’ — a design icon element of the 911 Speedster models since 1988.

The concept has the details, the celebrations of Porsche’s early racing days, such as the style of the 1950s, a central fuel tank cap is positioned in the middle of the hood and the classical Talbot shape of the mirror, and it is a part of the 70th anniversary of the company’s sports cars.

The Form of the model, including the very low fly line, takes the influence from the original 356 1500 Speedster-inspired 911 Speedster for the 930, 964 and 997 generations.

A production version of the 911 Speedster is expected to arrive in the next year. Only 356 examples of the previous 997-generation speedsters were made, so that a similar low production number.

The last Speedster costs around £50,000 equals more than the GT3 of the time, what it could sell new model suggests, for more than £155 000 people.

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